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How Soon is “Too Soon for Hospice?”

How Soon is "Too Soon for Hospice?"

Often we hear the phrase, "It's too soon for hospice."  This statement begs the questions:


Is it too soon for the pain and symptom management hospice can provide so that a patient is comfortable?

Is it too soon for an exhausted caregiver to receive help with the physical care of a loved one?

Is it too soon for emotional support for the patient and family?

Is it too soon for RN access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Is it too soon to discuss patient and family wishes and goals?

Is it too soon for the family budget to receive a break on medications, equipment and supplies so that out of pocket expenses are decreased?

Is it too soon for closure?

Is it too soon for access to resources such as social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and other end of life specialists?

Considering that:

35.1% of all patients admitted to hospice die within 7 days AND

Most families will miss out on the full benefit of our bereavement services if they haven't been given time to establish a trust relationship with our staff given that so many patients receive hospice care for less than 7 days or not at all AND

845 Odyssey families responded that their loved one was referred to hospice too late, according to Odyssey's Family Satisfaction Results for 2005.

It's our responsibility to ask the question... 

Is It Really Too Soon for Hospice?

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