Vice Commander Of Expeditionary Force Ready

Barksdale Air Force Base continues to charge ahead in Operation Enduring Freedom.  The tools of war and many of the men and women involved are back home, "recharging their batteries". 

Friday,  News-12 spent the day with the vice commander of the deployed "28th Air Expeditionary Wing",  the air power over afghanistan.

 On the flightline, the B-52's jet engines scream to life.  Virtually 'round the clock, since the day the president spoke from Barksdale, these bombers have been proving their stuff.  Colonel Tony Imondi just came back from the front.  

"and in fact, we were gone on the 21st of September. So, 10-days after the president was here, this unit was packed-up and was moving 10-thousand miles away. And within three days, we were ready for war. October 7th we launched the first mission."

 Imondi says, the 28th Air Expeditionary Wing was made-up of 54-units from all over the world. A coordinated effort, beyond anything the military's seen in a generation.  Imondi says, that effort is far from over. So, according to Master Sergeant "Eddie", the work here never ends.  

"This is hanger one... Which is building 6604. We do phase inspections on the bomber aircraft we have here on barksdale. What are you working on now? this is a B-52 from the active duty side."

Since 9-1, the maintenance schedule here has more than quadrupled. A

 week to 10 days is the most this plane'll stay on the ground here at barksdale. Then, it's back in the air, doing just about anything the president wants it to.   So, for the time being, newly returned Vice Commander, Colonel Imondi reaccquaints himself with his homebase, and stays ready to respond to the call.  "the first phase of the war is kinda over, when we went in with massive air power. Now, we're shifting to hunting and finding and striking when we find. The next phase could take us anywhere. We don't know where that is."

Colonel Imondi says, the first wave of the 28th A.E.W., out of Barksdale, is glad to be home for the time being.  He says, the second wave is on the ground and in the air, and continuing to answer the president's call.