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Consumer Report: Back Up Cameras

Every week 50 children on average are hurt or killed when a vehicle backs over them. Backup cameras can help drivers see what's in the blind spot behind their vehicle, but factory-installed ones are expensive. And aftermarket cameras can be hard to install.

Consumer Reports says rear-vision cameras can add a measure of safety. Testers just evaluated a wireless backup camera: the $150 VR3. The video screen sits right on the dashboard. Testers found it doesn't block your view and it is easy to set up. When you put the car in reverse, the camera automatically turns on, giving you the view behind.

But there are some drawbacks. The screen is rather small so it's difficult to see. And the field of vision is rather narrow. And at night, the image is dark. Nevertheless, the VR3 wireless backup camera can provide an added measure of safety. And real peace of mind with little ones around.

Consumer Reports says drivers should never rely solely on any backup camera. You should make it part of your standard checks to look behind the vehicle before you get in, and before you back up, check your mirrors and camera and look over your shoulder, too.

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