Tom-Kat Set to Rent Home in Shreveport Neighborhood

Shreveport's had its share of tabloid mentions since Hollywood came to town, but some would say not like this.

"This is the first they've been in my neck of the woods and it ought to be kind of interesting," says Jerry Griffith, a local mailman, as he reads

In Touch


If you believe everything the magazine says, that means in a matter of days Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be living in a platial home on Gilbert Drive.

"They try to go out to get their newspaper and there will probably be a dozen photos taken of them before they get back into the house," says Griffith.

Holmes will be in town shooting Mad Money. But the person who will make money is the owner of the home.

In Touch

says they're renting it at $1,500-a-day.

It all definitely has the neighbors talking. "The big names coming to Shreveport can only improve Shreveport's reputation and bring some noteriety to u, good noteriety at that," says neighbor Lydia McClanahan.

And who better to do that than one of the world's most popular tabloid couples?

"They would be my customers just like everybody else is," says Griffith.

He also that's how he'll act when Tom-Kat moves in. He says just leaving the stars alone is the best way to ensure they'll keep coming back to Hollywood South.