Gas Prices: What are we really paying for?

Over the past week, gas prices have increased an average of about 12 cents a gallon. But do you know what you're really paying for in that gallon of gas.

Every year it happens. As the temperatures warm up gas prices go up to. And every time it happens, it's not hard to find drivers who are upset about it. Like Julius Reliford. "I can't keep filling up because I can't keep up with the gas prices. I try to put $20 in here every 3 or 4 days just to keep some gas in the truck."

Kevin Stetler owns this Exxon on Pines Road off of I-20, he says the cash cow isn't in the fuel business. "On a truck of fuel, I'm lucky to make $900 on that truck, I'm having a good day."

Stetler says breaks down the cost of a gallon saying, "18 cents federal, then 20 cents state then you have to pay a truck inspection fee, there's a cost of about 3 cents to transport gas to the station the laid in cost on a gallon of gas is about 45 cents.

Stetler says he makes about 10 cents on the gallon with the rest of the huge profit about $2.15 going to big oil.

He goes on to say until drivers decide to car pool, take a bus, or ride a bike, we can expect to continue to pay more for gas, just as prices continue to go up, for everything else we Americans love.