Comcast Complaints Now Include Internet Issues

Dianne Curry, the IT manager at Moreman and Moore Company, says for the last few days her office has been in a holding pattern.
They simply can't get on the internet to handle customer service requests. She blames Comcast, the company's carrier.
"The technician informed me that our cable modem was not compatible with Comcast," says Curry.
Curry says the major malfunction came when Comcast started switching over from Time Warner. Somehow, Curry's company got offline from the tech provider.
"He's going to come back and replace it today, but he still doesn't think it is going to work," says Curry.
Comcast spokesman Mike Wilson told KSLA News 12 by phone Wednesday this might be just an isolated incident. 
But Curry says it's not. She says she talked to plenty of others left out in the digital cold.
"Some have been down as long as a week and they have gone alternate routes because they have no choice," says Curry.
Curry says there's no word if her company will make a switch. For now, the insurance company is just waiting.
"I mean, I am at a loss because I can't fix it, and I have tried." says Curry.
In addition to the equipment problems, Comcast is taking a beating for customer service issues, so much so that the Shreveport City Council called a representative from the company to come before the council to answer some questions. 
The spokesman told the council that once they get through the problems they've encountered with changing networks, they will be better able to devote more resources to better customer service.
The city council has asked for the company's audited financial statements.