Deputies Train on New Driving Simulator

Monday offered the first official class for the Bossier Parish Sheriff's office driving simulator. It teaches the "pros" how to better handle themselves while out on patrol. 

In fact, drivers can try almost anything, even standoffs and police chases. You see, the main teacher here is built like a big video game---computer graphics and all. 

"It was very realistic, uh, very comparable to our Crown Victoria that we drive," says Cortez Briges, a deputy with the agency.

"It's a lot better to work out some of the kinks in this class environment in this class environment instead of getting out there in this 25 thousand dollar police vehicle and having the real life experience of crashing."

Deputy Bridges says getting a chance to work on scanning roadways and awareness while driving makes this class worth it.

" I've had one in my ten year career here, and I don't want to have any more," Bridges says of police accidents.

Hopefully now, he won't. The sheriff's office says it hopes to train all of it's deputies in the simulator.

Story By Sara Gouedy