Shreveport Man Shot During Early Morning Robbery

    A Shreveport man who was walking home early Monday morning told police he had to run for his life from a group of gun-wielding robbers.
   Officers found Armondo Brantley, 28, lying in the middle of Frederick Street around 3:00 a. m.  He had suffered a gunshot wound to the upper shoulder or neck area.
  Brantley told police he was walking home to his Queensboro neighborhood when a sky blue Pontiac Bonneville pulled up next to him and three men got out.  According to police reports, Brantley said he tried to run away but one of the men shot him.  He said he continued running with the suspects chasing him.
  When they caught up to him, Brantley said, they debated whether to shoot him again or just rob him.  The suspects took off with his wallet.
  Brantley was taken to LSU Hospital where he was listed in fair condition, as of 6:30 a. m.
   Police are still looking for the robbers.
  Stay tuned to KSLA TV and for further updates on this story.
  Story by Katrina Webber