Worker Allegedly Steals Lottery Tickets from Gas Station

White collar crimes officers arrested 20-year-old Fredrika Goode last month.

She's accused of stealing over $4,500 worth of Cash 3, Play 4 and Powerball lottery tickets from the Exxon station off of I-20 and Pines Road where she worked.

Goode was also lucky. Some of the tickets were actually winners.

She was too young to cash them in herself so she would have friends do it for her. Her employers say she tried to use those winnings to keep her job.

Kevin Stetler and his wife Diane own the Stetlers Exxon. "These are $7 an hour employees. She offered me $2000 to keep her job. She's admitted no guilt, yet offered me $2000. But I later found out the $2000 are from winning tickets!"

Stetler says the problem with getting the money back, is that unlike the scratch off tickets that can be easily scanned and canceled out, the lottery can not. They say once they're bought, they're bought and there's no way to trace them."

"Everybody sells lottery, there's no profit in it. What she stole from me in Lottery that one week, was half of my net income for one year off of lottery."

If things weren't bad enough, the Stetlers have been also getting death threats but they are not letting them get to them.

Diane Stetler, says they only make the threats when she answers. "They tell me that if they don't drop the case with Fredrika Goode they are going to kill my husband, that's what they say"

Kevin Stetler says, "This is my wife, we want to retire, Exxon station for sale."