Jackson Takes Time To Meet With Shreveport Kids

You know him as the star of movies like Pulp Fiction, Snakes On a Plane and soon... Cleaner...
that's the movie Samuel L. Jackson is in town filming.
Today he took a break to give an inspirational talk to some Shreveport youngsters.
Samuel L. Jackson, "Look at this!"
Amidst cheers, surrounded by smiling little faces and plenty of big ones too, Samuel L. Jackson made his way to the place of honor at Balistine Hopkins Head Start Center to deliver a motivational message to some young people whose shoes he says he used to fill.
"I'm happy to be here," he said,"It's an opportunity to let kids know that you can come from a specific kind of place or a place that they're in right now and end up somewhere like this."
Laurance Guidry director of the Caddo Community Action Agency helped to coordinate the visit.
"This is channel 12." he said introducing us to Jackson.
Nordia, "I'm sure you enjoy doing stuff like this. Why?"
Samuel L. Jackson, "Why are you sure of that. (laugh)
Nordia, "I just figured you would. Was I wrong?"
Jackson, "No not really." 
And the 1500 kids and their parents heard a message of dreams and the future, and the important role that education plays in all that.
Jackson  told the audience he didn't miss a day of school from grades 3 trough 12, graduated from Moorehouse College and has never been arrested.
Jackson said, "If you hear it's not possible to be a black man in America and never get arrested, that's not true. I'm a law abiding citizen and I pay my taxes. (laugh)"
It's a message that went over well with both kids and adults alike, during a visit many hope will make a big difference in some little lives.
Marion Markray, Parent, "I'm so thankful and so glad that he's not so big that he can come and see just the smallest of us."
Nordia, "Was it better than a big piece of chocolate cake?"
Hanna Norwood, "Yes ma'am."
While at the center, several of the head start children provided some entertainment for Jackson's visit.
Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, who's a product of Head Start himself, declared Friday March 9th Samuel L. Jackson day.
The Caddo Community Action Agency which runs the Caddo Head Start program says the widow of Johnnie Cochran Jr. helped to arrange Jackson's visit.
Story by Nordia Higgins

Photos by Katrina Webber