Consumer Report: Contact Lens Use Down

Consumer Reports just surveyed some 7,700 people who wore either eyeglasses or contact-lens wearers. Consumer Reports found that 60 percent of contact-lens wearers who were supposed to regularly replace their contact lenses in fact wore them longer than recommended. And not surprisingly, the most common complaint Consumer Reports got among contact-lens wearers was that their eyes were dry or irritated.

Consumer Reports found that 4 percent of people who tried contacts in the past decade had simply quit wearing them. And among the rest who were wearing them, about one-quarter said they were wearing them less than they used to.

There are things contact-lens wearers can do to keep their eyes healthy. To avoid contamination, never touch the tip of your finger to the tip of the bottle. That could contaminate the contents of the bottle. And to help remove germs from soft contacts, first wash your hands thoroughly, then gently rub the soft lens for about 20 seconds--even if the label says "no rub."

Be sure to use fresh solution every time you change your contacts, and it's a good idea to replace your lens case every three months as well as your bottle of solution to help prevent contamination.

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