Early Mardi Grad Revelers

With the firing up of the generator, the plans can officially begin. The refrigerators are stocked, the grills are ready and yes, there's plenty to drink.
Cecil Ball is one of many whose calling Clyde Fant Parkway home for the night. "We like to come out and we don't have to fight with everybody tomorrow."
Ball isn't the only one with that game plan in mind. he's got dozens of neighbors including the woods family who also brought their dog.
Germaine Benoi is also camping out, "one of our best friends is in the parade so we came out and we're going to camp out tonight and watch the parade tomorrow."
Geralyn Woods says , "she's gonna throw us some beads.">
And Randy Woods he's focused on the grill. "No partying, I'm cooking, I'm keeping a line, keeping everybody inline no body get out of line, if they do they leave."
Shreveport police is not allowing people to claim spots early, but police say some have found a loop hole.
Kacee Hargrave with the Sherevport Police says, "if it's on private property, and the owners allow it, there's nothing we can about that."
Hargrave says, "come prepared to have fun, clean up after yourself and be patient and you'll have a great time."

Story by Tania Francois