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Darnell's Attorney Wants New Trial

Attorney Hersy Jones wants a new trial for his client, Raymond Darnell. Darnell was convicted of the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, Arlisha McDonald, and officer Freddy Clinton. Darnell received the maximum sentence of 150 years in prison. Dashboard video of the May 17th gun battle between Darnell and the officers helped, in part, to convict Darnell. Recently, Shreveport Police officer Morgan King has come under some criticism for arriving at the scene then leaving, one of many incidents that lead to his dismissal according to the Shreveport Police Department. Jones says there's a third video to consider now, shot from the car of Officer King. "Everything we had we gave to the defense," says Caddo D.A. Paul Carmouche. "And if there was a video we don't know that it would have shown anything with respect to the crime," says Carmouche. As helpful as that tape might be SPD says it doesn't exist anymore, at the time of the incident tapes were erased every few months just as a matter of policy, the reason it wasn't saved: the Shreveport Police Department says King never filled out paper work of the incident. "He's saying that if we still had it it would...be it somebody either the DA'S Office or the police destroyed it, knowing it would have cleared him, but that's just not so," says Carmouche. The DA'S Office sees clearing Darnell as a stretch, when you consider the available dashcam video. "It's the old do you believe me or your lying eyes kind of defense," says Carmouche. King and his video are moot points to the DA'S Office because King's car can be seen pulling up after the shooting happened. Jones contends the tape from King's car would show that Darnell was not trying to harm Officer Clinton. Darnell received 100 years for allegedly shooting at Clinton. Even if the request for a new trial is denied Jones can file an appeal to the original trial.
Story by Fred Childers 
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