Woman Says Mortgage Payment Has Become Major Headache

Fay Esters has a thick purple file--one she says shows the paper trail for a mortgage check that cleared too many times at her credit union--starting in 2005. It was a check, she says, for close to four hundred dollars.
    "On October 11th it cleared the second time so I picked up the phone and called them," says Esters. "That same item cleared in April 2006!"
   Esters pays her mortgage through an account at a branch of Wesla Federal Credit Union. The credit union's management declined to comment with KSLA News 12, saying it's no within their policies to talk about clients.
    Now, Esters says she's still waiting for the money to go back in her account. 
   "I can't say that Wesla is at fault, but I don't believe that everything has moved expediticiously, as it should have," says Esters.
   And she says, she's also upset at Midland Mortgage Company.
    "My frustration is the breakdown in communication," says Esters. It's something Esters says, will always have her checking her bank statements--from here on out.