Early Shopping Not Frantic For Day After Christmas Sales

At least early on-- it didn't look like a banner day for making money the day after Christmas. It's normally a top selling day for the fourth quarter, and a top day for something else.
    "To get out and see people. And we've been surprised that there haven't been more people out,"says Jean Rider. She and sister Judy say a quiet mall left them wondering. 
   "Maybe people anticipate there will be a lot of people at the malls and stuff so they stayed away, I don't know," says Rider. 
    But many retail workers tired to stay optimistic. 
  "This is fine. People usually come about 9:30 to 9:45," says one retail worker while manning a counter. Most stores offered big sales---slashing stock.
   "Everybody's got all the gift cards and so we're hoping for more traffic today then all the other days," says retail worker John Frazier. He and many expected shoppers would see the sales when returning unwanted gifts.After all, sometimes you get ones you just can't forget. 
   "A green turtleneck. Why was that so bad? because it was neon green. Neon green,
 says one worker, remembering a bad Christmas gift.
   "My ex-husband gave me some long underwear next year. Needless to say, I divorced him later!" says another shopper.