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Stainless Steel Magic Wipes: "Does It Work?"

More and more people are going to stainless steel appliances. They look great, until you use them.

Most stainless appliances pose a challenge for their owners. They are tough to keep clean. But this week's Does It Work? product may just solve that.

The Stainless Steel Magic Wipes claim to clean and shine stainless appliances. They're supposed to remove water spots, streaks and finger marks. Suzi Streit agreed to help us test those claims on her refrigerator.

First step, get all the obvious food and sticky stuff off the refrigerator. Make sure it's dry and then pull the first wipe from the canister. The directions say to wipe with the grain of the steel. Then go behind yourself and gently buff it with a dry, soft cloth. The buffing is a little extra work, but worth it. We could immediately see a difference. And we could see, even after buffing, that this product leaves a little something behind--a polish, if you will, that doesn't so much resist fingerprints, but makes it a lot easier to "spot" remove them without having to wipe down the entire surface.

"Well it still makes a hand print, but it makes it easier to wipe off. You didn't have to get it wet again," says Suzi. "You could use the dry cloth, which is nice because that's the main problem, is hand prints. Before, I would see a spot and I would spray it and wipe it and then when I'd walk away it would be real obvious where I cleaned so I would have to clean the whole door, you couldn't just clean the spot," says Suzi.

So, "Does It Work?" "I think it does work," says Suzi. We give the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes a yes.

We paid $5.99 for the Stainless Steel Magic Wipes at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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