Shreveporter Weigh In on Hopes for New City Government

Changes in Shreveport were on John Kollen's mind as he cut avocados at his deli Tuesday morning.
    Cedric Glover, and a new team of leaders, would soon be running his city. 
   "We have to put down the debt for one thing, but I think the city is going the right way," says Kollen. 
   But there is one thing Kollen would like to change. He has a big traffic concern. 
  "We've got to do something with traffic on Youree. I mean, its just so sad to go out there. Take a roundabout way to get there because it's such a mess," says Koellen. 
  Across town, at Pete Harris Cafe, other concerns.
  "More jobs, better jobs, a pay increase," says Harriet Morris. She and her friend Dollie Bradley have their own ideas about the city's future. 
  "Change is good. And maybe some better things will happen for all the people, not just--not just some of the people, but everybody," says Morris.
  Both say, there's no doubting it---Cedric Glover's inauguration has made this one historic day for Shreveport.
  "Yes it is. For him, for us, for everybody as well. This is the South and the first time we have ever had a black mayor in the city of Shreveport and I think he's gonna be good. I think he'll do good," says Dollie Bradley.