FEMA Says Hundreds of Trailers Demolished, Ruined By Hurricane Evacuees

Vacuuming their FEMA trailer is something Mildred and Percy White do a lot. That's because they know the trailer isn't theirs--it's Uncle Sam's.
   "You see the condition that this is here, that will be the way it is when I give it back," says Percy White.
   But FEMA just this week released new findings that say when they get the trailers back, about 25 percent have been trashed beyond belief.
   "These travel trailers are federal government property. They cost FEMA about 20 thousand dollars a piece," says Texas FEMA spokesman Don Jacks.
    And Jacks says, the damage has included torn cushions, broken doors, windows and refrigerators, and other major problems. Some have even been used as drug labs.
   "These occupants are responsible for excessive damages that might fall into the area of vandalism," says Jacks.
   Meaning, he says, people could face federal charges.
   Percy white says that sounds about right.
  "The inside of the book might not be as clean as the cover, you know," says White. He and Mildred say the trashed trailers are not the government's fault. 
  "I just feel like they were trying to help people and they probably didn't have time to do all the looking around and screening and stuff," says White.
   Many of the demolished trailers are in Jasper, TX, but could be moved to Hope, ARK soon.