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"Does It Work"-10/31/06

Flexicado: "Does It Work?"

Some foods seem to be at least fifty percent presentation--avocados for instance. Unless you smash them up into guacamole, they kind of need to be sliced pretty for salads or whatever. That's the sole purpose of this week's "Does It Work?" product called, the Flexicado.

It says right on the package, "one size fits allvocados!" We'll see. "Just squeeze, insert, slice and eat," it says. If we do it correctly, we should get seven fins of segmented ripe avocado.

We grabbed a nice assortment of avocados from the store and got started. First you cut the avocado down the middle just like normal. Pry it apart and take out the seed. The Flexicado, when scooped from top to bottom, should get all the edible avocado--slicing it into seven little pieces.

On our first try, we got nothing. We couldn't even get the Flexicado to cut into the avocado. Then we read the directions again and notice they specify that the Flexicado works on "ripe" avocados. We try one of those and get seven perfect slices. The Flexicado got every bit of the avocado out of there. With ripe avocados it performed perfectly every time.

"Does It Work?" We give the Flexicado a "yes."

The Flexicado is $5.99 at "Bed, Bath & Beyond."

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