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"Does It Work"-9/12/06

One Touch Can Opener: "Does It Work?"

It's the hands-free can opener. With one touch the One Touch literally walks around the can until it is open, then shuts off automatically.      

Put this thing next to someone's computer, and they'll likely try to use it as a cordless mouse.  It really resembles one.   

The One Touch takes two AA batteries. Get those in and the hard part's over.   

The directions instruct you to place the One Touch on the can, press and hold for 1 second and it does the rest.  Sure enough, it takes off without a hitch.  At first we thought it wasn't cutting, but when it was done, there was no doubt.  The One Touch fooled us because it doesn't cut in the same place that a normal can opener cuts.  The One Touch cuts below the rim on the outside of the can.  That's why the package is able to claim the One Touch leaves no sharp edges.  And sure enough the first standard sized can we cut does appear to be a little bit safer to the touch.   

We cut a short pineapple can next, and hit a bit of a snag. Because we're cutting below the can manufacturer's intended spot--below the rim--we're getting some leakage. The can, filled to the rim with juice leaked out quite a bit. And a bit of the can lid stayed attached to the can.   

We cut a standard tuna can with great success.    

Later we tried it on a little two inch diameter can.  That worked.   

Next, a large can of jalapeƱos.  The One Touch cut it well, but left quite a bit attached to the can.   

Finally, we tried one of the super big institution sized cans of pudding.  No luck at all.  We tried and tried. There's nothing in the directions that puts a limit on size, but we could not get this thing to work on the big can.   

We went back to a standard sized can to prove to ourselves the thing wasn't broken.  It wasn't.  The One Touch make quick work of the other can.

"Does It Work?"  Great idea, but the one touch needs perhaps a touch up.  Juice issues, not completing all the cuts...and finally, the proof was in the pudding. 

The best we can give the One Touch Can Opener is a "maybe."      

We paid $19.99 for the One Touch at Walgreens.  Linens 'n Things stores also carry them.

Joe Terrell, reporting

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