Why do you want to be mayor of Shreveport?

19. Why do you want to be mayor of Shreveport?

Arlena Acree
I fell in love with Shreveport and its citizens 26 years ago, when my husband and I moved to Shreveport. Shreveport is a permanent home for us since we each own a successful company. I want to continue to grow our jobs, enhance our quality of life and education, create racial unity, and make Shreveport the best place to live, work and play for our children, our future leaders.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
To serve the "Citizens" of the City of Shreveport.  To implement ideas I have picked up from my travels around the world in the U.S. Army.  I know Shreveport is a good city and I know I can help Shreveport become a better city.  If I am elected Mayor, I will work for the Citizens of Shreveport not the City of Shreveport works for me.

Ed Bradley
I would not have entered this race if I did not think I was the best candidate to give our city the best chance to grow and prosper. At this time in our city's history, Shreveport needs a businessman to not only help eliminate a ballooning $1billion debt, but to steer it into the 21st century. I have worked all over the country in a management capacity, including Kansas City, Des Moines and New York. I was born in Shreveport at Confederate Memorial Hospital and this city is my home. I want to work to make it better and I have the knowledge, educational background, skill and experience to do it.

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
To encourage the people of Shreveport to change old thinking, ideas.

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
Because I want my children to be able to have the choice to make Shreveport their home if they so desire.  I do not see this as a possibility right now.  I believe we can "save Shreveport" but it will require more than earthly wisdom.

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
There is still so much unrealized potential in Shreveport just waiting to be tapped! This is a great place to live...otherwise my husband and I would have left years ago. We need to introduce others to what we have through marketing and retirement initiatives and by continuing our positive changes.  Katrina catapulted Shreveport to the status of Louisiana's second largest city. We became an economic engine that helped keep the state on track, and we were ready for the challenge. Now, we are ready for even more.  There are so many things that I would like to see our city do and be but I can't do those things unless I am in the seat where the buck stops...in the Mayor's office. I want to involve our citizens more in government and listen to what they have to say. Are we doing what you want? How can we know that if we don't ever ask you? I intend to ask. I see our neighborhoods impacted by slumlords and absentee landowners who don't care that what they are doing impacts the property values and quality of life of the neighborhood. I intend to make them care. It may take dragging them to court every week, but you know what? The city has a lot of lawyers and I don't mind using them that way.  Shreveport is my home and I am fiercely protective of my home. I intend to fight for our city and our citizens to enable a better quality of life for us all.