Texas Gaming Affecting Shreveport Casinos

18. The State of Texas will again address casino gambling during the next Shreveport Mayor's term. What plans do you have to counter the lost tax revenue and lost jobs Shreveport could face if casino gambling comes to Texas?

Arlena Acree
We need to continue to develop Shreveport and Bossier as a tourist destination. It is very important for the 2 cities to partner in marketing efforts and grow the nice amenities, infrastructure, and sporting and festival events that lures tourist to our 2 cities.  The Shreveport/Bossier gaming markets are still  # 10 in revenue in the U.S.  We have already experienced a decline in revenue since Oklahoma opened the casino just North of Dallas. We need to continually diversify our economy in the event Texas approves casino gambling.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
"Back Up Systems" will have to be put in place, just like evacuations everyone must have a "Plan B" already in place.
(Phase I and II Projects)

Ed Bradley
Please see our City Center Vision Plan. www.edbradley06.com

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
Factory jobs.

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
We will have to address it with state and local incentives if that happens!

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
Economic development coupled with economic diversity. We need to have varied jobs available so that the closing of one or two local boats, while painful, will not be devastating. Never again will our community put itself in the ‘all eggs in one basket' category that it found itself in the 1980s and early 1990s when oil went bust.