Revitalizing Downtown & Red River District

14. What are your plans to revitalize downtown and the Red River Entertainment District?

Arlena Acree
As a part of my overall economic plan for the whole city is to create Economic Growth Opportunity Zones (EGOZ), with approved tax incentives and certain areas of downtown can be a part of the zones to spur development. We need to keep our downtown safe, so I want to open a mini-police substation in the District to also house the 23 cameras that DDA is installing in the near future.  I also want to relocate the bus station away from the convention center. I will make sure that our downtown is clean and we must enforce our property standards to eliminate blight. We have started working on a historic village on Cross Bayou. Cultural tourism is a very big draw and this mini retail village will have a lot to offer locals, tourists, and conventioneers.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
Hold open forums and allow the Citizens of the City of Shreveport to come out and spend a day with the mayor in the Red River Entertainment District to submit their ideas and give their active input on the subject "Revitalize Downtown".

Ed Bradley
Our City Center Vision Plan outlines our plan for downtown revitalization. Visit

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
Get rid of the strip club and pone stores.

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
Increase the job market.  We need family-oriented development at the downtown Riverfront and boat docks need to be added so that boaters can dock their boats to take advantage of the restaurants and other businesses located in the Red River Entertainment District.  We must also utilize the Neon Bridge to build a tram to connect the Shreveport Riverfront with the Bossier Boardwalk.

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
It is going to be helpful that El Dorado casino is now involved in a big way. After developer John Elkington was ‘invited' to leave by his partners, Flintco took over. Flintco was a construction company with no experience or desire to do marketing; they simply wanted to hand the project over to someone else. After the sale of Hollywood Casino, that ‘someone else' was El Dorado. The casino's management understands the importance of having an attractive ‘front door' in the Red River District and will be looking to market and manage it appropriately and aggressively. I will work with El Dorado on business prospects for the District and pay visits to or call those prospects as needed. It certainly helps to show that there are both businesses currently in the District and right across the river that are doing well.