Shreveport Education

11. We hear continually that better education is the key to growth and prosperity. Public schools in Shreveport are governed by the Caddo Parish School Board.  What role will you as mayor and your administration play in improving our education system?

Arlena Acree
I will work with Caddo Schools and all of our colleges and Universities to improve and enhance our educational system for our city to move forward economically. I am looking forward to possible partnerships and relationships to make Shreveport a top destination to live to include a great educational system as a part of our recruiting efforts.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
One of the reasons I joined the Military one week after graduation, I wanted to learn more about the world we live in.  I spent eight years studying people, places, and things...I received a very valuable education, equal to none.

Literary groups are holding round table discussions across this country that America's Children have fallen behind other nations in education.  As Mayor, I would be interested in bringing some of those debates and discussions to the City of Shreveport for improvement.  High technology is leading those discussions.

Ed Bradley
The best laid plans for economic development can become unraveled by an inferior educational system. And I will use the full weight of my administration to ensure that education is at the top of everyone's agenda, not just the Caddo Parish School Board, but all its citizens.

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
Make Spanish language part of corr.

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
The key for the Mayor is to nurture our great schools such as LSU-S, LSU-MC, Centenary College, Louisiana Tech, Northwestern School of Nursing, Southern University and work on our utilized Vo-Tech School.

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
As you know, the Mayor of Shreveport does not control the Caddo Parish School System, nor does the office have any role in the setting of the school budget, etc. HOWEVER, there are things a mayor can do and things that I would do, to help improve our system of education. The Mayor has a great thing called a ‘bully pulpit.' In other words, when the Mayor talks about an issue dear to her, the public tends to listen. Education is dear to me because it impacts the city so very much. Without an educated workforce we will not be able to attract good jobs and businesses. Without education, young people will have fewer chances to escape poverty, perpetuating a vicious cycle. Good education is our key to a better city! I will use that ‘bully pulpit' to fight for things that our school system needs, whether that fight takes me to Baton Rouge to the Legislature, to the Governor's Office, or to Washington. I have a good working relationship with Caddo Superintendent Ollie Tyler and will work with her on items of importance to our schools and schoolchildren. The Caddo Parish School System needs to be one of the first to hear when the city welcomes a new business to town so that they can adjust curriculum at their schools or the Caddo Career and Technology Center to have ‘job ready' graduates. I will work with the Alliance for Education on the initiatives they are working with in our business community to show that our local governments are standing together and working toward a positive outcome.