Incentives For Keeping Younger Generation

10. What will your administration do to give young professionals who live in Shreveport an incentive to stay and build their careers here, and entice other young people to move to this area?

Arlena Acree
We need to offer higher paying positions that require educational qualifications such as research and development and also the medical industry.  We also need to be on the cutting edge as a city for new technologies in our infrastructures, such as WYFI in our downtown. We also have to continue to improve our quality of life amenities that cater to our young professionals who are our future leaders.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
Being one of the youngest candidates for Mayor of the City of Shreveport, I would like to let it be a message for other sincere and dedicated young adventurous persons to bring new ideas and bring their ambition and let's make the City of Shreveport equal to the best city in the nation or better.

Ed Bradley
Young professionals target cities based on the quality of place. With the Bradley administration's $1.6 billion City Center plan, we will restore and revitalize our city's core, making it an attractive quality of place for young people to live, work and play. By using the assets that we currently have, the Red River, Cross Bayou, the Convention Center along with architecturally attractive buildings, we will create a thriving downtown with an interesting mix of residents, businesses and entertainment.

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
Make jobs for them.

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
We must have good family-oriented social activities to
attract our young, along with economic incentives for jobs.

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
We will pursue additional job opportunities to help entice young people to stay as well as additional quality of life items to give these young professionals something to do at night and on weekends. The enhancement of our West Edge development in downtown Shreveport with the Robinson Film Center, a vibrant ArtSpace and other amenities will make downtown a funky and fun place to be. New initiatives at the Barnwell Center and in the Red River District will stir excitement on that end of town, creating a great downtown ‘vibe' filled with film, live theater, music and more.