Shreveport's Greatest Challenges

6. What do you see as Shreveport's five greatest challenges?

Arlena Acree
Our greatest challenges are: 
continued economic growth, reducing crime and safer neighborhoods, improving our property standards and codes, improving our city's infra-structures to include water, sewerage and streets, and reducing our debt.

Vernon Adams

Madjun Ali
A. Zero Tolerance Crime Project (rid the city of decadence)

B. Zero Unemployment; give people jobs "Beautify Shreveport Project"

C. Zero Racism; Ways and Means with "Creative Means Projects"

D. Retraining the Industrialized Workforce into a High-Technology workforce

E. Pay off city of Shreveport's $800 million debt and $1.3 Billion infrastructure repairs to "rehabilitate" City of Shreveport

Ed Bradley
a. Economic growth,
b. Population growth,
c. Paying down the debt,
d. Expanding LSUS into a graduate program,
e. Understanding that diversity is an asset.

Cedric Glover

Tim Goeders

Henry Hodge-Bey
1. People
2. Corruption
3. New Business
4. Keeping people here
5. Change

Jerry Jones

Max Malone
1. Crime
2. Lack of jobs
3. The Debt
4. Upgrading of Water/Sewer lines
5. Racial discord

Wilson McMullan

Liz Swaine
Right offhand, I only come up with three, but they are big ones.

1. Our poverty level, which leads to so many problems. Those problems include health issues, underperformance in school, and a general lack of hope and initiative about the future. 

2. Louisiana's historic low rankings do not help Shreveport in attracting businesses or people.  Instead of starting from a level playing field in selling our city, we have to overcome a tremendous number of negative perceptions just to get to the starting line. 

3. Our occasionally fractured and fractious community. What's that old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall?" That is true in so many things. We must overcome territoriality, past hurts and animosities, jealousies---all those extremely human things--- and work together to make real progress. Will we succeed in that? I think the opportunity is there but we've got to WANT to do it.