Daily Shortcut--Watermelon Drink

You buy all kinds of fruit with the intention of eating healthy, but sometimes you can't eat it fast enough. Here's a Daily Shortcut that puts that fresh fruit to use!

Try this cool drink the next time you buy a watermelon. Cut one half of a medium sized watermelon into chunks. Be sure to remove the seeds. Put the chunks into a blender and puree. Make sure you strain the juice to eliminate the pulp. Combine the watermelon juice...you should have about four cups to a pitcher of lemonade for a wonderful twist to a summer time classic. Keep out the blender, here's another Daily Shortcut. Place about two cups of watermelon chunks into a blender and puree. Now, crushed ice and seltzer water for an out of this world smoothie.

These are just two ways to enjoy delicious and healthy watermelon.

That's your Daily Shortcut!