Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones


Carla Jones, wife
Michael, son
Sarah, daughter

Louisiana Tech University, B.S. Business Administration
Louisiana State University, Juris Doctor

Contact Information:
Jerry Jones Campaign
300 Ockley Drive
Shreveport, LA  71105
(318) 219-2630

On The Issues:
Fiscal Responsibility:
Shreveport is nearly $1 billion in debt - six times the debt of Baton Rouge. Jerry Jones will aggressively manage the City's budget and reduce that debt. Jerry Jones will ensure our city is financially sound.

Jobs For Our People:
Jerry Jones will work to make Shreveport known as a great place to live and build a business. He will go to the boardrooms of America to attract opportunities for all our people.

Reduce Crime:
Jerry Jones will take the handcuffs off our police so they can do what they do best: prevent crime and arrest criminals. With Jerry Jones as Mayor, Shreveport will be a city where our families no longer have to live in fear.

Strong Neighborhoods:
Jerry Jones will work to make the places we live better places to live. Our streets must be drivable, our water drinkable and affordable, and our families safe and secure.

Louisiana has been known for its corruption. Shreveport can be an exception. Jerry Jones will make our city government work for us, the people, not the political insiders.