Vernon D. Adams

Vernon Adams


Owner, Adams Christmas Tree Farm
Spent 49 years with Pioneer Bank and Hibernia Bank, retiring as Senior Vice President

Studied Law at Centenary College
University of Virginia, Degree in Banking

Glenda Posey Adams, wife of 5 years
Vicki Adams, daughter
Sandy King, daughter, and husband Joe
Kenny Posey, stepson, and wife Janice
Julie Smith, stepdaughter, and husband Tracy
Six Grandchildren
One Great-Grandchild

Contact Information:
Vernon Adams Campaign
(318) 686-4770

On the issues:
City Government:
The City of Shreveport should be managed as if it were a business with its customers being the taxpayers.

It is the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council to:

  • Manage the people's money in a responsible manner.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Hire the very best people for all city jobs and hold them accountable.
  • Make sure all city employees treat all people with respect.
  • Work on eliminating the negative perception of our city being hard to do business with.
• Support local businesses and contractors that provide the jobs to Shreveport citizens.

  • Establish an ongoing line of communication with our state and federal senators and representatives.
  • Establish and be ready to implement a disaster plan for Shreveport in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.
  • Constantly look for opportunities and effective ways to sell business and industries to locate here in Shreveport.
  • Constantly look for ways to promote our area for tourism.
  • Creating new jobs shouldn't have to be an ongoing campaign issue, but one of the primary functions of our city government.
• Monitor all activities, State and Federal, that can impact North-west Louisiana and Shreveport.

All students and parents have a right and expect access to quality education.

Constant open communication with the Caddo Parish School Board, all private schools, all vocational schools and the local colleges and universities in Northwest Louisiana.

We must learn where the demand is and turn out students with these marketable skills.

The must be fully prepared for college or ready to fill local jobs with skills in high demand.

In areas where there is a shortage of local qualified workers, a program needs to be established to assist businesses and industries to recruit out of town until we can produce these skilled workers locally.

Work with major area employers to:

  • Hire locally
  • Use local vendors
  • Work with chamber of commerce
  • Support job fairs in school
• Provide any research that would be helpful to Shreveport businesses and the Chamber

Establish a Network with Leaders in other cities our size to:

  • Get ideas for a more efficient government
  • Save money
  • Promote and market Shreveport to business and industry
  • Promote and market Shreveport for Tourism
  • Stop the duplication of services
  • Provide better services in all areas.
  • Build morale of city workers
  • Build the morale of the Citizens of Shreveport
• Improve communication with the citizens of Shreveport

Quality of Life:
Set new high standards for rent properties

24-hour comment and suggestion line in the mayor's office

Establish Quarterly reports to the citizens from the city.

Encourage the sports entertainment and recreation companies to visit, hold events, or relocate to Shreveport.  These groups have to be sold on Shreveport to come here.