Arlena Acree

Arlena Acree


Economic Development Director, City of Shreveport

Attended Bastrop High School, Bastrop, LA
Attended Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA

Married 31 Years to James Acree
Lane Acree, Son
April Acree, Daughter
Anna Acree, Granddaughter

Contact Information:
Arlena Acree Campaign
324 Fort Street
Shreveport, LA  71101
(318) 221-1420

On the Issues:
City Services:
We must continue to improve and find long-term solutions for our growing city services and existing infrastructure whether it is water, sewage or streets.

Movie Industry:
The movie industry is our newest economic development success since Katrina.  This clean industry creates thousands of jobs per year and has a huge economic impact in our area.
As mayor, I will continue to support this industry for all of its infrastructure needs and help develop the workforce needed to make Shreveport a true movie production hub for all of North America. We can be proud of the movies already completed and look forward to many more in the future. 

Local Business Expansion:
We need to think out of the box. We need to create an Innovation Center that focuses on research and technical assistance to help entrepreneurs with business solutions, patents, franchise training, and assistance to grow their own businesses.  Global economic development is on my agenda. We need to educate and assist our local businesses so they can be globally competitive and have the opportunity to import and export products and services.

Neighborhood Safety:
Our neighborhoods and downtown areas need to be a safe haven for all of our citizens. I will implement more community oriented policing in every district. One approach will be to use Shreveport's existing park buildings as mini substations to increase police visibility. Additionally, I will create more citizen awareness of the programs that our police and fire departments provide.

Economic Growth:
Economic development is crucial for any city to survive and provide good-paying jobs for its citizens. We have many underemployed citizens who need to earn more money to make ends meet. Since Katrina, we have had some changes to our community. We will have to become more creative in our retention and recruitment efforts, because we are one of many parishes in the state excluded from the Gulf Opportunity Zones. As a result of Katrina, some of our state's tax incentives have been eliminated.  I propose the creation of Shreveport's own Economic Growth Opportunity Zones, or EGOZ's.  These zones would be created in underdeveloped areas that need an economic boost, thus spurring growth in empty buildings and in the abundant green space within our city limits.