Daily Shortcut--Grilling Bananas

You can either prepare these scrumptious snacks on an open campfire...or just a regular grill.

They are grilled bananas, and you won't believe how delicious they are. Start with a whole banana. Leave the skin on. Now, with a knife, slice the banana length-wise, but only cut the peel on one side. Now, open the banana like a hot dog bun...be careful to leave all of the fruit inside. Because now, we are going to stuff it. And, boy, look at the goodies we have to stuff it. You can stuff the banana with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and even peanuts if you'd like. Get creative, you can add any ingredient you prefer. Now, close the banana...it's not going to close all of the way. Wrap the banana tightly with foil and place directly on the grill.

After a few minutes, carefully remove the banana and open the foil. You can eat this delicious treat with a spoon. It's incredible!

That's your Daily Shortcut.