Daily Shortcut--Dip Container

Many people serve a vegetable tray when they entertain. It's quick, easy and healthy. But, here's a way to add a little zip to your veggies.

You can buy your vegetables already cleaned and cut, it's easier than cutting them yourself, but it can be expensive. Here's a money saving shortcut. Buy a very inexpensive garnishing tool like this and use it to cut your carrots and other vegetables. Vegetables cut into interesting shapes go much faster than those just cut into strips. And what is the best part of any vegetable tray? the dip! here's a creative way to offer vegetable dip. Hollow out a red or green pepper and fill it with dip. These containers will jazz up your vegetable tray and you can throw away the containers when you're done. No dishes! Finally, if you ever need vegetable dip in a hurry, mix sour cream with a packet of italian salad dressing mix. Serve with cut vegetables.

In fact, you may want to keep a packet of mix on hand for emergencies.

That's your daily shortcut.