Daily Shortcut--Splinters

My friend, Teresa, has a great Daily Shortcut on how to remove a splinter. She uses good old fashioned school glue.

The first thing you do is notice where the splinter is and cover the splinter with white school glue. Once the glue dries, you can peel off the glue...and the splinter peels off with it! No glue, the same idea works with heavy duty tape. Take a duct tape or any other heavy tape and place it over the splinter, wait a few minutes and the tape...along with the splinter..peels right off!Oops...dropped a glass. This is really bad, especially with the shards of glass. You can sweep it up, but the chances of you getting all of the glass is pretty slim. So, break out the tape again. Wrap the tape around your hand and reach for the glass. Just make sure the tape covers all of your hand. The tape should attract the glass and you can clean up the mess.

All of these Daily Shortcuts should only be used by adults. Please be careful...especially around the glass.

That's your Daily Shortcut!