Daily Shortcut--Computer Tips

Daily Shortcuts are ways to save you time. And, I can't think of a bigger waste of time than researching something on the internet and having to search through items that I don't need. So, here are some Daily Shortcuts to help.

The folks at Computer Shopper Magazine put together a list that will help you save time while on the computer. When using a search engine, define your search. Place a dash before a word you don't want. Let's say you want the locations of Hilton Hotels. But, not gossip about Paris. Enter Hilton...space...minus sign and Paris. This way, you'll get what you're searching for. Placing quotes around your words will search for those words together...like "George Bush". This way, you won't get any references to those other bushes used in landscaping.

Hopefully, this will save you time when you are researching on the computer.

That's your Daily Shortcut!