Daily Shortcut - Cleaning Baby

You know that everything a baby touches he puts into his or her mouth.

Here's a couple of Daily Shortcuts that will not only keep your baby's items clean, but sanitized.

Don't overlook your automatic dishwasher when it comes to cleaning baby items.  Many plastic things like rattles, toys, teethers, and pacifiers can be put into the silverware bin of your dishwasher.  Washed with regular dishwasher detergent, theses baby items will come out clean and sanitized.

Don't forget to wash your bottles in there as well. This is especially helpful when your baby has been sick. This will kill all of those germs.

Speaking of germs, did you know that dust mites -- the leading cause of allergies -- can harbor in your child's stuffed animal?  To kill dust mites, pop teddy in a zipped freezer bag and into the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.

Believe it or not, dust mites love heat, so washing the items in hot water won't kill them...but freezing them will.

I'm Cathy and that's your Daily Shortcut.