Food in Five Fast Food Salads

Nordia: "We're correcting a common misconception in Food in Five. A salad can actually be a dangerous choice. A lot of times when we go to a fast food restaurant we think, ok, we'll have the salad and we're being really good. Not necessarily right?
Shelly: "That's so correct. They'll say I'm watching my weight and then order the absolute worst thing on the menu and what they'll order will be a Caesar salad. One bowl of a Caesar salad can have up to 70 grams of fat in it because we have to remember what's in it. Croutons which are fattening. They're baked but made with lard. And then the cheese in the Caesar salad that's where you get that flavor. Then we're looking also at the dressing. Those packets of dressing, if we were to turn around and look at the label, it's usually three times that we can use it because it says serving sized 3. Something else that we'll order and we have it right her is more kind of a taco style salad. We think it has beans in it, it has corn so there's some fiber which is absolutely correct. We forget about the ground meat, the sour cream, the cheese and the guacamole. We're looking at about 32 grams of fat. Now this is without dressing. Some folks will top it with ranch dressing, add about another 30 grams of fat to that and you'll get 62. The number one thing to look out for is our dressing. Whenever you go, please request light.
Fast food restaurants do have some better salads believe it or not. Wendy's has a great mandarin chicken salad but you have to use only 1/2 the packet and we're looking at around 20 grams of fat. McDonald's has a walnut fruit salad which is pretty pleasant. It's quite small though. Some of their shaker salads if you get the fat free or light dressing, you're cutting down on a lot of fat. Burger King has the fire grilled salads which probably are the best that are on the market because they do serve it with more of a lighter dressing and their salads range from around 14 grams of fat to 18. I'd rather you order the larger mandarin chicken salad or fire grilled salad than the small Caesar because the Caesar is like a coronary waiting to happen.