Daily Shortcuts--Sunburn Tips

If your sunscreen didn't do the trick and you are already suffering from sunburn, here are some Daily Shortcuts to relieve your pain.

For small areas of sunburn, like your nose or anywhere on your face, pat the burned area with a cold, wet tea bag. You can also use the teabag as a cold compress for burned eyelids. For larger areas of sunburn, brew a pot of tea, let it cool, then dip a cloth into the tea and use it as a compress on burned areas. In an emergency, yogurt will take away the stinging and burning of sunburn. Here's another Daily Shortcut. If you ever have a makeup stain on a piece of clothing, here's a great way to remove it. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the stain and brush it with a wet toothbrush until the stain disappears.

Wow....that works wonders.

That's your Daily Shortcut!