Daily Shortcut - Vacation Security

You may be ready for vacation, but is your home ready? Did you plan ways to make it look as if you were still home?

Here are some Daily Shortcuts to keep your home looking lived-in.

Both interior timer lights and motion detector lights are very popular and deter would-be burglars when you're away from home.

But, an abundance of mail and newspapers are a sure give-away to a would-be thief.

So, either find someone to pick up your mail everyday, or stop your mail delivery throught the post office.  It doesn't cost anything and you can pick up your mail when you return home.

Same things with newspapers.  A newspaper typically won't charge for delayed delivery.  Most likely, they'll just credit you for future deliveries.

Also, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you are away.  An extra set of eyes can't hurt.

I'm Cathy, and that's your Daily Shortcut