Daily Shortcut - Energy Savers

In this tough economy, we are all looking for ways to save money on our energy bills.  Here are some Daily Shortcuts to help consere your precious energy.

Let's start by not using the dishwasher drying cycle.  By letting your dishes air dry, you save energy.  Also, use your microwave more than you use your oven or stove top.  The microwave uses less energy.

Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater.  You should be very comfortable with your water set at 115 degrees.

Take showers instead of baths.  This will reduce your hot water use.  And only wash full loads of laundry and dishes.  This will save you a lot of energy ... and time.

Try turning off your computer and monitor when you are not using them.  It may mean pennies saved now, but those pennies add up!

Finally, plug in all of your home electronics, TV, VCR .. things like that .. into a power strip and turn the power strip off when you go out for long periods of time.

A little bit of energy saved now will save you money in the future.

I'm Cathy and that's your Daily Shortcut.