Tamika and Jacke

Today in America, children in foster care wait an average of five years to be adopted -- a lifetime to a child.

Sometimes the court system can be slow, and foster care social workers don't have time to actively recruit adoptive families, that's where "Wendy's Wonderful Kids" comes in.

It's a parternership between the dave thomas foundation for adoption and volunteers of america, and KSLA is pleased to be playing a role in the Ark-La-Tex.

Today we introduce you to two sisters -- 13 year old Tamika and 10-year-old Jacke.

You could say Tamika is the shy soft spoken one, and Jacke is the talker with a ton of energy. While Tamika may not say much, her foster mother says she is a hard worker.  Jacke describes herself as the artist, and is really excited about making honor roll this year.

The girls' foster mother says the ideal family would be a two-parent house hold.  These girls need a lot of love and encouragement...

"You'll have to be patient with them because they both have learning disabilities and be able to spend a lot of time with them," says their foster mother.

Both girls show lots of promise; and in the right home these girls will prosper.

If you would like to adopt Tamika and Jacke, Call the Volunteers of America and speak with Terri Prescott.   That number is (318) 221-5000.