Daily Short- Pet Food Problems

Many people with pets keep the food dish in the kitchen, but it can get knocked over or spilled easily.  Here's an organizing daily shortcut to help.

Empty out a drawer in your kitchen that is closest to the floor, and put your dog bowl...or dish..for food in there.  It's close to the floor, out of your path and best of all, you can hide it away! Here's another organizing Daily Shortcut. Most modern kitchens these days have stow-away or hide-away areas for the trash.  If you want, you can put your trash somewhere else, and use this compartment for large bags of dog food.  This works really well if you buy dog food in bulk and need a place to hide the large quanitity.  Finally, cut off the top of a milk jug and use it to scoop out dog food.  You've found a new use for a usually discarded item!

That's your daily shortcut!