Woman's Voice "Kissed By God"

In today's Hometown Religion report, New 12's Michelle White introduces us to an an Ark-La-Tex gospel singer whose "voice is kissed by God. This woman is the most powerful singer I have ever heard, Gospel singer. This is Jermia Cannon...somewhat of a "hidden treasure" from Texarkana lifting her voice to God on this night at Lake Bethlehem Baptist Church.  And wow what a bible study night this is...Jermia is bringing the folks in this church to their feet and bringing tears of joy to their eyes, with her awesome, electrically charge gospel singing.  She's singing various cuts from her second CD titled " It's my time now."  Jermia's parents, Bishop and Mrs. Jacquelyn Paul Cannon are still amazed at their daughter's magnificient spiritual gift.  Her dad laughs about the time he noticed her talent when she was about nine year old, " she was in a room and I heard her singing and you know it was really singing." In 2004 Jermia was in a horrible car accident and broke her neck, leaving her partially paralyzed.  Jermia says, " I just concentrate on what he's done for me, I'm trying to share it, share it with somebody else."  And her devotion and dedication to God speaks "volumes." Jermia is the assistant Music Director at  Nash Full Gospel Holy Temple in Nash, Texas where her father is the pastor.