Confederate Ceremony Brings Protests

A ceremony of pomp and splendor is the "only" way some people say the Caddo Parish Confederate Memorial should be celebrated on this it's one hundredth year. The Daughters of the Confederacy commissioned the memorial in 1906.
    "If we don't remember our history, if we don't learn from our history then we will be bound to repeat it again. We don't want to go through that again," says Larry Garrett.  He and his wife dressed in period costume for the service. They consider themselves "civil war buffs".
    "It was about the rights of citizens and we don't need to forget the states rights that are granted in our constitution," Garrett.
     But others don't see the celebration that way. A handful of protestors marched up and down Texas street to make their point.
     "It's a symbol of shame! we we are supposed to be progressing in america. It's a symbol of shame," says one activist. 
    Baruti Aganakue says he only sees pain in the symbols of the confederacy. "Murders have been committed under this very flag. My great grandmother woke me up in my sleep and told me i had to come to this," he says.
    It's not a debate the had resolution at this ceremony. But it did come to the forefront again--- as people on both sides remembered the long divisions that have marked the south for close to 150 years.