The Need for Human Connection

The terror attacks have caused thousands of deaths, trauma and sheer disbelief for many.
But something else may have come out of the devastation, the need for human relationships and intimate connections.
Some are calling this the latest nationwide urge.
Many people are having trouble sleeping since September 11th, but others are cuddling up with a loved one or even a stranger.
They feel a need for a human connection.
Sandi Brazzel, a family counselor says, "we all desire to have that closeness, the feeling of being intimate with somebody, whether it's an intimacy, sexual intimacy or intimacy with emotions."
And experts say sex could serve as a bond for people in times of tragedy.
Brazzel says, "I do think that we're going to see an increase in relationships, I think an increase in people getting married. I think we'll see that in the near future. And of course with intimacy comes a sexual relationship for some people. I think that they're going to see an increase in another baby boom perhaps because of this tragedy."
And the potential for a baby boom could also come as many military personal are being deployed.
Brazzel adds, "if they're going off to war they're gonna be gone for a while. They want to have that last little closeness, that last connection and maybe if something should happen to me, I want you to have a baby. I want you to always have a legacy to remember me by. So it's kind of romantic I think for some people. "
But Brazzel cautions not everyone is doing this for the right reasons, "people who are using it as a manipulation maybe to get sex for people who are not ready for it. I think it can be looked at that way too. So I think people's motivation are not always guided in the right direction."
But now Brazzel says people are reconnecting, "we don't know what's going to happen around the corner. And so let's take every day and make it just the most it can be. And that includes intimate relationships, connections with close girlfriends, I just don't want to miss anything. I tend to do that with my own family."
Sandi Brazzel says another thing she's seen in her practice since September 11th, people are taking full advantage of telling someone they love them or they're appreciated.
Something similar happened after Mount Saint Helen's erupted, it also happened after Hurricane Hugo and some are saying it's happening now.