Daily Shortcut--Travel Comforts

It appears a lot of contributors to our website are frequent fliers because of all of the great traveling Daily Shortcuts…and here are some of them.

Peggy from Michigan says when traveling by plane, make sure to wear slip-on shoes. This way, when going through security check points, if you need to remove your shoes, it's an easier task if you are wearing mules or sandals. Thanks, Peggy. Carol from Italy says she likes to pack a small hand or foot massager in her carry-on luggage. This way, once the plane is in the air, she can slip off her shoes and place the massager under her feet. This way, your feet are rejuvenated when your flight lands. Plus, this type of massager is small and discreet.

Carol also suggests taking along a spray bottle of vitamin E or any other skin freshener in your carry on luggage. This type of spray is available in the health and beauty aisles. Simply spritz a little on your face during the long flight so your skin doesn't dry out.

That's your Daily Shortcut!