Food in Five Restaurant Food

In this week's Food in Five we continue our look at some of our favorite restaurant foods.
And we start with Italian.
Shelly Marie: Italian food can be very good for us just like any restaurant but most of us don't go in and pick the correct choice. Most folks pick Fettucini Alfredo because it doesn't have meat so they thing they're doing a great job but one serving of fetuccini alfredo has 97 grams of fat for the day and it's double. A serving of pasta is 1/2 a cup and you know when you get that huge plate full of never ending pasta, never ending bowl of bread. It's about six times that so be careful. The best choices again like we said are red sauces, also there's a couple of vegetable type pasts lost of chicken based pastas. A jardino sauce is a lighter sauce go look for the sauce as well. One other warning about Italian food. When we start eating we have a huge batch of bread sticks if we had six bread sticks we'd consume around 40 grams of fat which is a little less than this.
Nordia: "And Mexican."
Shelly:  "Very popular in this area and in the U.S.. This is our third most popular restaurant in our country. One of of the downfalls is like a beef burrito platter because usually they wrap it in a hard shell and soft shell. We're looking at 79 grams of fat for that dish. Compared to the fat for the day we see it goes over and that's just one meal. Where we make mistakes similar to Italian with the bread is with the chips and salsa. My biggest suggestion is to ask for the soft flour tortilla and dip that in your salsa. Also the hard taco shell dishes remember that hard taco is fried there's no question about it it increases the fat."
Norida: "And finally Chinese food one of my favorites."
Shelly: "With a lot of Chinese food if we notice the meats. They're breaded so that means they're fried. We have an example of that type right here. It's sweet and sour pork. The pork is generally fried  and they'll dunk it in the sauce and we're looking at around 71 grams of fat in that meal and again we compare it, it goes over. There's some wonderful selections in Chinese food that are great for us. Hot and sour soup is one of the best. Only 4 grams of fat in one cup. I tell folks to look at the meat and vegetable plates."
And of course get the steamed rice instead of the fried rice.