Food in Five Restaurant Food

Registered dietitian Shelly Marie has a wake up call..about exactly how much fat you'll find in some of your favorite restaurant food.
Nordia, "There is no doubt about it Americans love to eat out. It's one of our favorite past times. But unfortunately that can really pack on the pounds."
Shelly, "Just as an example this is about how much fat we can have in a day. Which some out to be around 60 grams. We're going to compare it to a lot of our restaurant foods.
One of our really popular restaurants that a lot of people go to is breakfast-style restaurants."
Nordia, "Those 24 hour type restaurants."
Shelly, "Right they can have some really really nasty selections. One of the worse selections on a menu can be the pancakes with the butter on top with the sausage. If we look at the fat we're looking at about 40 grams of fat. Let's compare it to our fat for the day. It's almost right there.
Our best suggestion for you is to definitely order the pancakes with no butter. Really say no to the sausage because those have a lot of salt. Stick with your cereals, your fruit maybe have a little whipped cream on it as a treat.
Our second restaurant is really gaining a lot of popularity. In fact in a recent study they found that Greek restaurants were increasing by number by the greatest over Mexican, Italian and Chinese. It's one of my favorites. Great choices on the Greek cuisine.
But at the same token they do have some not so great stuff on their menu and this is one right here. The Greek word for it is moukassa. It's basically a ground beef casserole. A serving of this has around 48 grams of fat in it again lets compare it to our total fast for the day and it's very close. So my suggestions are the pita sandwiches with their yogurt dips or the pita sandwiches with their hummus dip.
So Greek food definitely gets a thumbs up but there's some thing on that menu we definitely want to shy away from."
Shelly Marie suggests taking half the meal home.
We'll take a look at Italian, Mexican and Chinese food next Friday in Food in Five.