Convicted Drug Dealer "Big Mook" Sentenced to Sixteen Years

In April of last year an eighteen month investigation came to an end with the arrest of Chevell Hamilton, otherwise known as Big Mook. "He's been a pain in the neck for law enforcement for some time" said DEA Agent, Kieth Billiot during an interview in July. Today in federal court agents and police officers who have dealt with Hamilton waited anxiously to hear if the federal charges would keep him off the streets. "Because we've been involved in this case for a long time, the DEA, and ATF, and we watned to see how long Mr. Hamilton was going to be gone" said Assistant to the chief, Duane Huddleston. "Hamilton was considered by law enforcement agencies to be one of the major traffickers in the city" said First Assistant U.S. Attorney, Bill Flanagan.

The defense argued over minimum sentence guidelines. Judge Tom Stagg told the defense, "This is the worst drug dealer that's been in this room this year, if he thinks I'm going to slap him on the hand he's wrong." "These are serious crimes with serious sentences" said Flanagan. Hamilton will spend 16 years in jail for his role as the head of a cocaine ring that encompassed Shreveport and Dallas. The U.S.. Attorney's office believes the sentence will slow cocaine distribution. "We hope that's the result and to some degree we create a vaccume that will be filled by others, so we'll keep at it, but this is a major trafficker that will no longer be selling in the city" said Flanagan.  After Hamilton learned his fate, Judge Stagg offered a warning; saying " Those officers who put you here will be on duty when you get out." "We'll always be there looking to make sure he doesn't return to the same activity" said Huddleston. Because they believe that activity, specifically was creating and feeding thousands of crack and cocaine addicts in both Louisiana and Texas.