Are Hybrid Vehicles Saving Money?

A year ago, the City of Shreveport invested in the hybrid technology with the purchase of a bus. "This bus is almost double the price of a regular bus" said S'portran Manager, Gene Eddy. The half million dollar bus has been running routes ever since. "We like the fact that it's more fuel efficient, it's cleaner burning, it's certainly a lot quieter" said Eddy. That's nice, but what about the bottom line, is the extra cost going to be offset down the road? Eddy has been keeping track. "At the price what we paid for this bus, no, the bus lasts maybe 12 years, we may save 7,000 dollars a year per bus, but that's not going to make up for the difference in price. But when you look at the hybrid car sales, the phrase money isn't everything comes to mind. "But also they look at the environment and the cleaning of air" said Micheal Sealy with Holmes Honda, he says every hybrid ordered is sold, many times there's a waiting list. "Before April they had been down, comparable to to the year before but I think maybe now the gas creeping up people are going back to looking at the hybrids again" said Sealey. The driver of a hybrid car could recoup the extra cost, but would have to really like the color of the car. "And depending on how you drive, it could take five to a little more to actually get your money back" said Sealey. So what's the incentive? could be the environment, could be frustration. "It's a way of getting back at the oil companies". Whatever the reason, for now it seems to be costing a little extra.