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Does it Work?: Doggy Steps

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Do you have a little dog or cat who is not getting around quite like he or she used to? Just like in people, age can be cruel to pets. Perhaps that is why so many people have written in asking us about an "As Seen on TV" product called Doggy Steps. The idea is really simple. But as you'll find out in this Does It Work?, one of the toughest steps was training our little dog in need, to even try them out.

The front of the box says it all "Spoil Your Dog." Doggy Steps are supposed to be perfect for helping your dog climb up in your auto, onto your bed or your sofa. First we put it together. The frame is plastic. It snaps together easily and has all the supports it needs to hold the advertised 70 pound limit. There is a label sewn into the cover warning kids or anyone who can read that it is made for dogs only.

We set up in the office of Humane Society of Smith County Director, Gayle Helms, where she rounded up her personal dog, Bubba. "Bubba's a real typical dachshund, low rider, back problems, older and he cannot get up on the office sofa by himself," said Gayle.

First, we spent some time teaching Bubba about the steps and what they were for. Then, the coaxing began. We pulled out some treats and laid them on the steps and up on the sofa. It took some time, but Bubba's desire drove him up the steps and down.

The second trip up and down went considerably quicker. "Good boy Bub," said Gayle. "We had to coax him and work with him. But I think he's got it now."

Gayle said she has built steps for that reason before, but never so easily or economically. "I made them at home out of wood and we're talking a big expense and a lot of time involved. So, I couldn't believe how quickly you assembled them."

And for Gayle, the slip off washable cover is a big plus that homemade models likely don't match.

So, Does It Work? We give the Doggy Steps a "Yes."

We paid $29.95 for the Doggy Steps at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The only concern we have about the Doggy Steps is keeping them away from children. One step on these from anyone over 70 pounds, and they'll be gone.

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